Take Your Life and Business to the Next Level by Automating New Clients into Your Business. Join Andy Audate on December 8-9, 2022

Set Your Business Apart and Automate New Client Sales and New High Ticket Sales Appointments Automatically

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Automatic Clients Summit

Hosted by Andy Audate

December 8-9, 2022

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST

Automatic Clients Summit

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Listen to What Past Attendees Have to Say After

Implementing This System

Listen to What Past Attendees Have to Say After Implementing This System

Automatic Clients Summit
Automatic Clients Summit
Automatic Clients Summit

Hi My Friend,

What I have here for you is an interactive training event where, as a business owner you get to grow your business. 

Yes, you’ll scale your business using proven Marketing and Client Acquisition.

This specific system and marketing strategy is what I have been using for my businesses and the outcomes have been astonishing. 

This system has allowed my business to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars IN SPITE OF during the pandemic. 

My system is focused mainly on two things: online marketing and virtual business operations

These 2 had become my advantage during COVID-19 and had kept my business running, not only smoothly but progressively as the pandemic rolled through the last couple of years. As much as I am grateful and proud of the strong foundation that my business has established through this very challenging time, I also feel bad about hearing news of businesses shutting down, losing clients, and drastic drops in income. 

Some businesses digress from their original models only to lose more capital. 

Thousands in revenue down to zero dollars all because of one reason: THEY DO NOT HAVE THE SYSTEM.

In response to this, I created this event where I share the same system I use every day to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Today, I’m extending this opportunity to you, and other business owners having financial stability and growth despite circumstances like COVID-19.

What do you need to prepare?

The event will be hosted on Zoom Video Conference Call, so please prepare:

Pen and Paper

A computer with a stable internet connection

Working Headset and/or microphone

Working Webcam

Make sure the Zoom app is also downloaded on your device

Aside from this, It will be best if you can draft a list of:

► Questions regarding marketing

► Your current challenges experienced in your business

► Short-Term and Long-term goals that you have for your business

These topics will be discussed during the training so preparing ahead of time will give you more time to think thoroughly about it.


The Highlight of This Summit: 

What if you can make your business work for you instead of working for your business?

✅ It will do the follow up for you via emails and SMS instead of you having to call, email or text your prospects

✅ Calculate your daily, weekly, monthly online revenue

✅ Your web and landing pages will do the magic work of marketing and selling your products instead of you trying to sell to your leads one-by-one

✅ It will automate everything you need to keep your online business thriving and earning money – even while you sleep

✅ Allows you to delegate some administrative tasks to your virtual assistant, at minimal effort without incurring high overhead costs

✅ It will free up your time and you can focus more on what really matters to you like family or friends

This is what Progreda can do for you!

We have users who after we applied Progreda to their business system, are able to make $6000 sales in their sleep.

Thanks to the beauty and wonders of automation!

Come to the summit, and be blown away by all the things you will learn and how you can apply Progreda to your company.

This once in a lifetime offer will be available for the next:

Now Let’s Answer Your Most Pressing FAQ’s

Can I Bring a Guest?

When you register you CAN have as many people with you (when they are in-person, with you during the event), and they will be able to participate in the event as they will be there during the training while your computer will be via Zoom Video Conference Call.

Is there a guarantee?

The system that we have is proven effective. What you will get is the system, coaching, strategy and step by step process on how to make it work for your business. The guarantee of succeeding depends on you putting everything that you learned in action. 

Knowledge without action will never work. If you follow the process, implement the system and use the strategy. 100% guarantee that your business will grow.

What has been the outcome of those who joined this event?

✅ Learned A MARKETING SYSTEM that helps them to explode their business

✅ Discovered how to get leads that becomes paying customers

✅ To be able to close sales while having a vacation or while sleeping!

Here is an example of someone who just started their business and they decided to Join and immediately used this system in their marketing and their business.

The Business Owner created a $2000 Product using the process I taught them.

Since the Business Owner had just started their business, their closing percentage is

25%, which is not too great, but hey, they are just starting out. 

(Just For Your Information: Closing percentage is the percentage of how many clients purchase out of the total of

how many people they speak to)

Immediately after they joined, they used the system right away on Social Media

and got 30 Leads In their first 30 days of using the marketing system.

From the 30 Leads, at a 25% Closing Percentage, they got 8 New Paying Customers.

8 New Customers x $2000 Product = $16,000 Revenue for the first month of using the system.

How do I get a spot?

Simply Register your name, email, and phone and you will receive all the details.

“The opportunity is in the show up.”

Join Us!

Automatic Clients Summit

December 8-9, 2022

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST

This once in a lifetime offer will be available for the next:

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